Message from the President

Welcome to our website! 

–         We had some great meetings this past season, and are on break for the summer.  If you attended any of our meetings, I hope you found them valuable, interesting, and fun.

–         We have been working our website, keeping it updated and fresh, we have committed to regular postings and use of FaceBook and LinkedIn, and because this communication is so important to our success, we hired Byron Leavitt to manage our social media.

–         We currently have nine active Board members, we met regularly to plan this year and will continue to meet as needed.  We are always recruiting new board members and our board meetings are fun!  If you’re interested, contact us through the website or email.

–         We returned to LaQuinta for our monthly meetings, their remodel is nearly done, and they have been great to work with.  In March we met at the Foss Maritime Seaport Museum, and it was a wonderful change of scenery.  In January for the annual tax update, and in May, we joined forces with the Tacoma AFWA chapter. 

–         We want to work with national IMA on ways to use webinar technology to expand our chapter reach to folks who can’t physically attend our meetings, and while that may not be until next year, if you have any interest in this and want to help set it up and/or test it, let us know.  We played around with a live Facebook broadcast in November.

–         We awarded $7,000 in scholarships to four students.

If you haven’t been to our chapter IMA meeting before, or it’s been a while since you have, you’ve been missing out!  Drop me an email through the website or and let me know why, as well as what might encourage you to be more involved.

Have a great summer!

Dawne Swanson, MBA, CMA
Chapter President 2016-2017-2018